Tutorial: Browser Setup / Information

Browser Setup / Information

Any HTML5 compatible browser should be able to run argos-sdk without issue, namely: Chrome 11+, FireFox 4+, IE 9+, and Safari 5+.


During development you may wish to disable browser caching: storing of cookies, form data, history, local storage etc. This way you can make a change to your code and simply refresh your browser to load the new changes:

  • Chrome: Incognito (Ctrl+Shift+N)
  • FireFox: Private Browsing (Ctrl+Shift+P)
  • IE: InPrivate Browsing (Ctrl+Shift+P)

These private browsing modes either a) don't store any information or b) store them in a temp location and is deleted upon closing the window. There are also command line arguments to always open the browser to a particular mode or profile.


The final step is making sure you can:

  1. Access the javascript console
  2. Inspect HTML/CSS of the document
  3. View any network activity for your browser of choice:

Console: Ctrl+Shift+j
HTML/CSS: Right click on web page, Inspect Element option
Network: Ctrl+Shift+i, click Network tab

FireFox - install the FireBug plugin first
Console: Ctrl+F12
HTML/CSS: Ctrl+F12, select the Inspect Element tool, click on web page
Network: Ctrl+F12, click Net tab

Console: F12, click Script tab
HTML/CSS: F12, Ctrl+b (or click Select tool), click on web page
Network: F12, click Network tab

Console: Ctrl+Alt+c
HTML/CSS: Right click web page, Inspect Element option
Network: Ctrl+Alt+c, click Network tab