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Saleslogix SData client library for .NET

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Saleslogix SData Endpoints Whitepaper

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Sage Data (SData) is the communication protocol that serves as a common language for interaction between Sage products worldwide. Sage products use SData to generate and consume feeds of information, similar to RSS feeds. For example Financial Accounting/ERP applications can provide feeds containing sales orders, customer details, or project details. SData also allows Sage software to interact with the many third-party systems and services available through Web 2.0 technology.

SData Endpoints

SData uses Uniform Resource Identifiers (URIs), a compact string of characters used to identify or name a resource, to communicate with web services. These web services then query, insert, update, or delete information based on the URI sent.

There are several endpoint contracts currently being offered through SData:

Under the virtual directory, sdata, there are two application branches, slx and $app. The adapters, or contracts, are divided between the two application branches as shown in the Contact branches diagram. The slx branch contains contracts that are specific to Sage SalesLogix while the $app branch contains platform application contracts.

Contract branches

Consuming SData Feeds

All SData feeds are exposed through both the SData portal and the Sage SalesLogix Web client slxdata.ashx handler. The slxdata.ashx handler allows direct access to feeds through the Web Client portal. When customizations are written this way, the Web Client portal handles authentication. The following queries access the same feeds:



Sage offers training through the Sage Master's Series. For more information or to register for the SData Master's Course, contact Sage University at 888-765-6662 or online at

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